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Senior Executive Support Introductory Offer / 2013 :

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Senior Executive Support Why SES?

The day to day pressures on senior managers are constantly growing and can be overwhelming. This could be the result of a single event, for example, something which brings additional scrutiny or press attention, or from a period of change such as a major service development or restructuring.

Senior Executive Support What is SES?

SES was established by a Chief Executive of a medium-sized public service sector company whose organisation struggled to provide the support that was needed when they were faced with increasing external pressures.

SES Advisors have business experience balanced by therapeutic skills and knowledge set against a back-drop of evidence-based research.

Senior Executive Support Who is SES for?

SES offers Senior Executives and Managers in small to medium-sized companies a form of holistic support that recognises the diverse nature of the forces acting upon them.

Senior Executive Support

Even with the right skills within the organization, the personal nature of the support that is needed can mean that current systems for line management may not be sufficient. SES can bridge that gap in a way that complements existing arrangements for professional development within the organisation.

Senior Executive Support Our Ethos?

SES is a model for Executive Support which recognises that people do not separate their professional identity from their personal identity when they go to work. While the emphasis may shift, SES believes that we are people first and professionals second. SES Advisors combine the knowledge, experience and skills of business with the knowledge, experience and skills of the therapist, underpinned by the evidence base of the researcher. These combine in such a way to enable SES Advisors to provide a holistic response that recognises the myriad factors that affect the way we think, feel and act in the workplace.

Senior Executive Support Telephone : 01621 787412

Introduction : Welcome to Senior Executive Support

Senior Executive Support is a response to the increasing range of pressures felt by a growing number of high level managers, particularly those working in the public service and charity sectors. The increasing sophistication of the role coupled with the growing complexity of the environment results in many people experiencing a sense of isolation with a feeling of having nowhere to turn.

While some organisations are able to provide support in-house, for many small and medium-sized firms the skills, knowledge and experience required for a comprehensive response to the needs of the modern executive are not available. This can result in senior managers having little in the way of direct support from within their own organisations. In some cases the prevailing culture within an organisation may also be part of the problem.

Senior Executive Support provides regular contact with someone who can provide ongoing support through a confidential relationship that is built on trust and an acceptance of the uniqueness of your experience.

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